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Cold Asian noodle salad with matchstick veggies
Pasta recipe
Image by savannahchik
recipe from with the following mods:

- used olive oil for the veg oil
- for the 1/3 cup of oil i filled the 1/3 cup up about 2/3's with oil and then added more rice vinegar to make the full 1/3 cup
- i used probably close to 1.5 Tb of sriracha and it's perfectly spiced for me
- i didn't use bell peppers but i definitely would next time
- i added a bit of soy sauce for more salty flavor
- i sprinkled the sesame seeds on after i plated it so they don't end up on the bottom of the big bowl.

this makes A LOT of salad and it's super healthy with the soba, olive oil and veggies