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Shrimp & Crab Bisque
Soup recipe
Image by InSinU8
I found a recipe, but I could tell it was not going to be good. Crab is awesome.

ddukbokkie - hot & spicy rice cake soup
Soup recipe
Image by sierravalleygirl
I found freshly made rice tubes offered at the nearby Korean supermarket so it went home with me and was used in the stew. I also made it with seafood, fresh Korean pepper, homemade sorta hot pepper paste gochujang in an ichiban dashi broth.
original recipe @ Maangchi

Butternut squash orange soup
Soup recipe
Image by karenandbrademerson
OK, I hate squash. I always have. When I was a kid, I used to swallow spoonfuls with a mouthful of milk to avoid tasting it.

So when our CSA basket last week had tons of squash, I frowned....but went to the library, determined to find some edible recipes.

Boy, did I hit the jackpot. These three dishes are three of the tastiest things we've eaten lately.


(I used orange juice and pesto instead of gremolata.)