Recipe Kulfi – Mango Kulfi

This is a great recipe for summer and is the most popular dessert of South Asian Cuisine. This mango kulfi is just like ice cream and nor extra effort is required to make this special kulfi because you don't need to beat again and again after freezing just beat in the start to make batter and it would hardly take 20 minutes. The only difference in making mango ice cream and kulfi is that evaporated milk and egg whites are used in the kulfi recipe otherwise all ingredients are exactly same as ice cream. Through this recipe the kulfi becomes very soft and creamy just because of well beating of milk and egg whites.


2 egg whites

1 cup caster sugar

500 gm evaporated milk

400 ml fresh cream

1 cup mango pulp

2 tbsp condensed milk

few drops of yellow food color


1. In a mixing bowl, take only the egg whites and beat them well using electric beater to make a foamy texture it would take 3-4 minutes.

2. In the egg whites add sugar and beat again for 4 minutes so that the mixture gets the cream like texture.

3. In another mixing bowl beat evaporated milk for 3 minutes make sure the beater is washed after beating egg whites so that it would not mix into the milk.

4. Now add fresh cream and condensed milk into the beat-ed evaporated milk and beat them for 2-3 minutes so that they all mix together.

5. After that add mango pulp to the milk mixture and mix using beater.

6. In the end, add the egg white and sugar mixture along with few drops of yellow food color to the mango mixture and using beater just mix all of them to make a smooth batter.

7. Now take suitable kulfi molds of plastic or steel and pour the mixture into the mold. Cover the mold tightly and place it into freezer for at least 2-3 hours so that the ice cream freezes well, it may take more time to freeze depends upon your freezer.

8. Serve the delicious mango kulfi with cold white noodles and mango pieces in a beautiful ice cream cups.

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