Nice Homemade photos

A few nice Homemade images I found:

Homemade Brioche
Image by jamieanne
I've made homemade bread a couple of times before, but I've been quite displeased with the results of each try. Besides being too dry, or too dense, the main problem I always had was that it tasted waaaayyyy too yeasty.

For this bread, I tried a different brand of dried yeast and whether or not this helped me I'm not sure, but I could not be more pleased with this loaf!

The ONLY problem is that my loaf pan was about 3-4 cm too long, which is why the end of the loaf is very short.

Otherwise, there is no yeasty taste to this brioche, the outside is crunchy, the inside is beautiful and soft and it is delicious!

Yay for me! And yay for the recipe at Almost Bourdain!

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homemade ramen!
Image by smalljude

Image by minato