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Some cool Homemade recipe images:

A Messy Milkshake Recipe
Homemade recipe
Image by echo0101
This is my entry for the "food" assignment on DIYP. It illustrates the mess I'd make trying to make a milkshake :).

>>> View On Black <<<

Strobist Info:
Multiple exposures 580ex ii between 1/8th and 1/16th into silver umbrella pw trigger
and 258hv @ 1/16th power into litedome xs pc trigger

DIYP info:
Used high-speed photography. Shot falling fruit on black and composited using blend-if layers and masking. Each falling fruit was shot using generally short flash duration to freeze motion; however, I varied the power of the 580ex to create slight blur in some of the objects. The 580ex with silver umbrella was above the fruit to the left and softbox below to the right creating a contrasty light. In post, once all the pieces were put together, a high-pass was used with hard light to enhance details.

Addt'l diy gear used: homemade shutter release to trigger the camera connected to the 40d with this adaptor.


Homemade Cavatelli
Homemade recipe
Image by djwtwo
The Things have projects to work on for school that are based around one of their reading assignments, and one of the choices for the project was to make and eat homemade cavatelli pasta. Thing Two, being my usual kitchen assistant, gravitated to that choice immediately (with her sister helping out by taking snapshots as she worked, which is something Thing Two will need when she presents on her project.)

She hunted down a recipe online, and did nearly all of the work (I helped a bit with the grunt work, mostly the kneading of the pasta dough, and was on hand to provide guidance and supervision at the stove, but this is really all her.) It was pretty tasty, too, although as hand-shaped pasta can be, it was a bit thick and took quite a while to boil to al dente.

I couldn’t resist snapping some pictures myself, of course.

This is some of the cavatelli after it was dried for a bit. I threw a sage leaf in there only because she was planning on dressing the finished pasta with browned butter and sage.Nikon D7000 w/Nikkor 35mm ƒ/1.8 prime, 1/6s # ƒ/9.5, ISO100. Natural window light through a diffuser camera left, with the loose silver material of my 5-in-1 reflector left for a bit of fill light. Color finishing in Nik Viveza and Aperture.