Nice Eggs Recipe photos

A few nice Eggs recipe images I found:

2 Beat Eggs in a Bowl
Eggs recipe
Image by Susan Gayle
Beat eggs with no added liquid. Add some salt and pepper to taste, but go easy on the salt if you are using salted tortilla chips in the recipe. I usually do 2 eggs per person plus one (in this case 5). This makes a pretty substantial meal: either 2 flour, or 3 corn tortilla tacos, but it's hard to stop at just one taco.

Hard-Boiled Eggs: Covered with Cold Water
Eggs recipe
Image by I Believe I Can Fry
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twice baked potatoes
Eggs recipe
Image by telepathicparanoia
bake the potatoes, then slice off the tops and scoop out the meat. mix the meat with bacon and spinach, restuff the potatoes, and top with cheese. broil.