1958 Food Ad, Campbell’s Soup, with 4 “Souper Sandwiches” Recipes

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1958 Food Ad, Campbell's Soup, with 4 "Souper Sandwiches" Recipes
Mushroom recipe
Image by classic_film
"New! Hot 'n Hearty Souper Sandwiches! Delicious and easy... nutritious and inexpensive... with 4-minute sauces made from Campbell's Soups"

Secondary tagline:
"Good cooks cook with Campbell's Soups"

Recipes include chicken sandwich with short-cut chicken sauce, cheese sandwich with tangy tomato sauce, ham sandwich with creamy celery sauce, and beef sandwich with minute mushroom sauce.

Published in Good Housekeeping magazine, February 1958, Vol. 146 No. 2

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Pepper Steak with Port Wine Mushroom Sauce and Roasted Asparagus with Balsalmic Browned Butter
Mushroom recipe
Image by tychay
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Pepper Steak with Port Wine Mushroom Sauce and Roasted Asparagus with Balsalmic Browned Butter
Sunnyvale, California

Nikon D200, Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8G VR
Gitzo 1228LVL tripod, Really Right Stuff BH-55 ballhead, Wimberley sidekick
DxO (wb, exp, blur, distorion, ca, vignette. noise, lighting) Adobe Camera RAW (white balance, auto setting)
1.3sec @ f/18, iso 250, 135mm (203mm)


I guinea pigged a new dish with some ingredients I picked up at Whole Paycheck.

Because of a brain fart, I ended up using cremini mushrooms instead of shiitake, which I saved for the company the next day. The beef tenderloin was grass fed and the asparagus came all the way by jet from somewhere in South America. Ouch! This one tasted great and the asparagus was a perfect match. I’ll wait to the spring, next time. I also didn’t have a mortar and pestle at the time so I had to crack the pepper by using the side of a bowl against another bowl.

The Port Wine used was Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve, which I think was at Costco. A pretty good deal for a great port. I had a dream yesterday that I used my aged Tawny port and ruined the dish, so something is wrong with my head.

No, I didn’t drink the Port with dinner, I had GuS Dry Cranberry Lime soda which I picked up on sale at CostPlus because one of my guests was pregnant. The next day we had Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cabernet Sauvignon with this same dish. The wine went down very easy with the cracked peppers.

I’m going to sub the port for the sherry and reuse the extra cremini mushrooms for a sweet and sour chicken tomorrow.

The recipes can be found in All-new Complete Cooking Light Cookbook (Cooking Light). Cooking Light is easy for people like me who can’t cook and aren’t gourmets.

Photographically there is not much to say. I stopped down the aperture so you could read the lettering on the wine bottle. I cropped out some of the detail since my dining area is very spartan. I don’t know how I got ISO 250, must have been a setting left over from Thanksgiving.

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Wild And Tame Mushroom Soup
Mushroom recipe
Image by yummysmellsca
This was the most delicious lunch! A recipe from an Oliver & Bonacini offering that they have at their establishments. No butter, oil, or cream is used in their recipe, but the flavour is all there! Its called "Wild & Tame" because they utilize several different types of wild and "regular" mushrooms in the dish.

Recipe here: yummysmells.blogspot.com/2008/08/taming-of-shroom.html.