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Fresh Shiitake
Mushroom recipe
Image by pjah73
My first batch of log grown shiitake mushrooms...looking for a recipe now!

Puff Ball
Mushroom recipe
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I found this GIGANTIC Puff Ball on the way to G's house in the farmers field.
Approximately 12" tall & 8" across at the top.
The Giant Puffball (Langermannia gigantea; see photo above) is one of North America's best-known edible wild mushrooms, particularly among farmers and other country folk. But there are several good puffball species; read on!

Some find the flavor of puffballs bland to mild, while plenty of others (myself included) consider them quite rich. Sliced and simply fried with a little garlic and black pepper, I think puffballs' flavor is wonderful. Mycochefs have a field day with them; Puffball Parmesan is an especially popular recipe.

Puffballs are different than most mushrooms in that they lack gills or any other exterior spore-producing structures. They produce their spores internally (note: the spore-producing interior of a puffball is called the gleba) and then releasing them in astronomical numbers. The Giant Puffball, in particular, is a reproductive wonder: Specimens can attain diameters of two to three feet or more, and a single specimen has been estimated to produce as many as nine trillion spores!

Before the spores are produced, the interior of a puffball is solid and white, composed of flesh that gets less and less dense as the mushroom matures and minute air pockets form throughout. In my experience, the denser the flesh of a puffball, the richer the flavor. I have harvested, cooked and enjoyed specimens of the Giant Puffball that were only four or five inches in diameter, quite dense, and absolutely delicious. In each case, I could have returned a few days later and the puffball probably would have doubled or tripled its diameter—but the flesh would have been far more porous. At that point, puffballs absorb the cooking oil or other frying medium like a sponge, so frying in the true sense becomes impossible. And once the gleba starts to mature, the interior flesh of a puffball becomes yellowish to greenish, at which stage it is no longer fit for consumption.

The vital field character of the Giant Puffball (and several sibling species in genus Calvatia) is its size: To rule out all other mushrooms, it should be at least four inches in diameter, growing on the ground (in the woods or on a lawn), roughly spherical as viewed from above (it may have an enlarged base, as shown in the photos), and the interior should be composed of solid, white, homogenous flesh.

17 - Champignons dazu / Add mushrooms
Mushroom recipe
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