Nice Homemade photos

Some cool Homemade images:

Winter soup, homemade and old-fashioned. I am in for a treat tomorrow.
Image by Angelbattle bros
For strobist a softbox to the left of the camera on 1/6 power triggered by remote and on the white backdrop a sb900 speedlight on a tripod with a plastic light blue cup pulled over it's head on 1/8 power triggered as a slave on su-4.

Homemade cultured butter
Image by litlnemo
Yesterday I tried to make cultured butter. Here is the result!

Basically, you take heavy cream, then add yogurt or buttermilk with live cultures (I used Bulgarian buttermilk), and let the bowl of cream sit in a warm place overnight. You will end up with lovely thick creme fraiche. Then you can churn the cream, or shake it in a jar, or just beat it in a stand mixer bowl (I used the paddle attachment). Soon you will have butter. It took only five minutes for the cream to turn to butter this time -- much faster than when I have made butter in the past!