Homemade cheese fritters

A few nice Homemade images I found:

Homemade cheese fritters
Image by litlnemo
I made these fritters for a cheese making class last week, to show some of the things you can do with the simple homemade cheese I was teaching about.

Basically, you make simple acid-coagulated cheese. Then add honey (to taste) and spices (to taste). I used chai spice mix this time -- mostly ginger, cinnamon, and pepper! It ended up with a sort of sweet and nutty flavor.

Then I wrapped spoonfuls of the cheese in won ton wrappers (gyoza, actually), and fried them, and then topped them with sugar. YUM!

This was inspired by a medieval French recipe that basically says to take cheese, wrap in a pastry, fry, and top with sugar.

Mmm... homemade pizza for dinner II
Image by liquidnight
Fresh mozzarella, spicy Calabrese salami, and a sprinkling of grated parmesan.

Homemade Apple Pie
Image by Smaku
Despite all the baking that I've done in the past, I had never made a pie up to this day. For some reason I figured it was much more difficult than it really was. The other day, I decided to make an apple pie with some Pink Lady apples that I had bought but could not eat because of my allergies. Yes, I'm allergic to some raw apples, but when cooked/baked, I can eat them with delight.

My first attempt at pie turned out great. I was quite pleased with the results, as were the taste testers. By using lard (oh!), the crust was oh so tender and flaky, even though I thought my dough was a total failture at first.

What else would go well in a pie?