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270/365/1365 (March 7, 2012) – Pork Loin Chops with Orange Curry Sauce
Sauce recipe
Image by cseeman
Recipe is available here:

This came out great!

Sauces for jianbing 煎饼
Sauce recipe
Image by jennikokodesu
Typically, there are four sauces in a jianbing: the hoisin-based sauce, chili sauce, fermented tofu sauce, and leek flower sauce. The recipes below are in the order that they are typically applied, and if you watch a jianbing vendor, you can see that the hoisin-based sauce is brushed all over, the chili sauce is sporadically dabbed, while the fermented tofu sauce is usually just applied just around the perimeter, with perhaps one stroke down the center. The leek flower sauce is extra, but adds a beautiful roundness to the flavor.

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