Braided Brioche (2), first attempt, the inside

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Braided Brioche (2), first attempt, the inside
Homemade recipe
Image by Lys*
Straight out of the oven

This is a second version of the braided brioche, with less egg and butter, which is different from the first version the baker's, which might be softer.

Ceci est la seconde version de la brioche tressée, différente de celle du boulanger, plus moelleuse.

All the ingredients should be at room temperature
500g flour
25cl milk
1 egg
20g fresh yeast
60 g butter, softened, cut into cubes
60g sugar
2 tsp salt
To glaze: 1 egg (optional)

Dissolve the yeast in little bit of milk
Sift flour and sugar into a bowl, add salt, egg, milk and yeast mixture
Knead for at least 10 minutes to obtain a smooth and elastic dough.
Add the butter. Knead again to incorporate the butter.
Leave. the dough brioche in an oiled bowl and covered, 1h at room temperature, it should double.
Press down dough to remove air and let it rest again but this time in the refrigerator, for one night (or 8 to 10 hours). This resting time is required for the dough to strengthened.
Take out the dough, knead a little bit and add chocolate chips. Knead a few times again.
Cut the dough into 3.
=> Now this is where I add anything I want to it, chocolate chips/sugar, margarine, cinnamon mixture... (Here, only chocolate chips). Be very generous with the filling because the dough will double in size!
and then Shape (braid).
Place on cake tin and let them rest for 15 min at room temperature.
Leave the cake for 1 - 1H30 at room temperature, it should double again.
Brush with beaten egg (optional)
Preheat oven to 170-175 ° C (gas mark 5-6) and bake for 25 to 30 minutes.

My tiny jar of homemade all-purpose salve
Homemade recipe
Image by laurenipsum
An ounce and a half of awesome.

1 oz beeswax, half a cup of olive oil. Warm gently in jars in a pot of hot to simmering water on the stove. When they are both warmed/melted, add oil to beeswax jar, straining oil if you steeped any herbs in it -- I added some lemon balm. (Just so you know, the beeswax jar will never get completely clean again.) Let it continue to heat to emulsify. Pour into containers to cool.

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