Peche Seafood Grill's Shrimp Curry Fettuccine recipe

Seafood Paella
Image by avlxyz
Paella dinner with Aunt Lee Tin.

Not my best paella. I put too much seafood on top and not enough hidden in the rice. I also added too much liquid which meant the rice wasn't al dente. ah well... next time.

Everyone loved the crunchy Blondie olives and the sliced chorizo too! But the garlicky eggplant dip was a bit too garlicky for some.

- Chorizo, Garlicky Eggplant dip, Blondie Olives
- Seafood Paella
- Mum's Lotus Root Soup

Peche Seafood Grill's Shrimp Curry Fettuccine recipe
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