Nice Vegetables photos

A few nice Vegetables images I found:

Organic Onions
Image by Chiot's Run
I love my local farmer's market, it's fantastic. I enjoy chatting with the vendors and seeing all the things they grow. If I want endive or arugula I have to grow it myself or do without, none of the vendors at my local market carry the more exotic vegetables. If I want regular potatoes I can find them, fingerlings - not a chance. If I wanted anything but apples past September I was out of luck. I thought I hit the exotic vegetable jackpot this summer when I spotted one savoy cabbage.

Not so with the Local Roots Market. I spotted lots of arugula, endive, fingerling potatoes, bitter winter greens and lots of other interesting things. I mentioned yesterday that I was impressed with the variety of produce I spotted on Saturday. It was a hard choice deciding what to buy, but I finally settled on these things.

I scored: fingerling potatoes, stalks of brussels sprouts, celeriac, oyster mushrooms, fresh sage, cipollini & red onions, tri-colored baby carrots, bitter winter greens and some more all-natural hand spun wool yarn.

to read about what I'm doing with all these things head over to my blog:

Fried Vegetables
Image by chooyutshing
Vegetables with mock meat