Nice Rice photos

Some cool Rice images:

Rice Field Sunset
Image by JapanDave
Rice has always been the most common crop in Japan. The volcanic activity of the island makes the soil very acidic which makes growing rice ideal.

These days, however, the popularity and consumption of rice is decreasing rapidly as more and more people turn to bread and other Western foods. Not only that, but the rice fields themselves are disappearing. Young people don’t want to be farmers, so no one is replacing the aging ones. No one is quite sure what is to come of this situation.

If you look closely, you can see some school kids hanging out in the photo. I suppose a patch of rice fields is as good a place as any to avoid adults and get some privacy.

Terraced Rice Fields in Sapa, Vietnam
Image by ynaka29
Terrace rice fields and farmer's houses. Taken on the hike in Sapa region of Vietnam. Farmers were getting ready to plant the rice as they only have one seasons to grow the rice in this region (compared to two to three in other part of Vietnam). Our hiking guide said that most of the farmers are able to only grow enough rice for own consumption.