Nice Eggs photos

Some cool Eggs images:

Oozy yolks - Poached Egg on Toast - bright
Image by avlxyz
Dad's 乌鸡 bantam chickens have started to lay eggs.
Small eggs from small chickens :)

I decided to poach them in Julia's sillicone cupcake molds to prevent the eggs from dispersing in the water. You can also get sillicone egg poachers with rounded bottoms from the kitchen shops, but I think the fluted cupcake molds aren't bad looking.

The bantam eggs were very fresh and the yolks were rich and yellow!

Scotch egg (IMG_20140820_192113)
Image by [Rossco]:[]
At the Fat Badger on Alberni Street, Vancouver. A scotch egg is an egg, wrapped in sausage meat then rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried.