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Eggs are an essential part of our diet and a staple food for some. The doctors too advise that the daily intake of eggs keeps us away from many an ailment. In this day of fast track technology, there have been many changes in the process of chicken rearing which has affected the quality of eggs too.

Earlier only the eggs produced from the farm chickens was in use but over the years the scene has shifted to a more technological poultry practice. This has increased the number of poultry birds and their egg laying capacity but somewhere down the line, the genuineness of the pasture raised chicken eggs gets lost.

There are many people who prefer the organic eggs as compared to the commercial ones which are available in the super markets. Then there are also different varieties of eggs which are graded according to their quality, their freshness and also their size. It has been rightly said in a Russian proverb that "Love and eggs are best when they are fresh."

There are many cook book writers who have written a lot about this wonderful thing called the Egg. There are many such books available in the open market as well as online stores. Some of these books are targeted at the culinary novices while others aim to please the professionals as well as the routine culinary experts.

These recipes can be used to make some very delicious dishes. These delicacies can be prepared in the egg cookers which are available in the market. This saves both the time and fuel too and is a lot less messy.

Various authors have put up different ideas in their books about cooking eggs. Some of them talk only about the organic eggs, some others about farm fresh and rest others use the commercially produced eggs. According to all these experts, the taste, smell and look of the dish changes with the variety of the eggs used.

One of the most sought after cook books for egg recipes is the Totally Eggs Cookbook which has 47 appetite raising recipes. It is written by Helen Siegel and Karen Gillingham wherein they have suggested some very time saving recipes which can be prepared in minutes. The book includes recipes related to starters, appetizers, salads and soups and also some egg bread and beverages. The book also consists of sweet dishes made from eggs.

The Farmstead Egg Cookbook by Terry Golson is another book which can be used for ready reference by both the expert and novice cooks. She speaks about the eggs which have been hatched in her backyard and which she feels are more nutritious than the commercially produced ones. According to the author, these eggs have a richer flavor and better texture than the ones that are available in the supermarkets.

The staple diet for many Americans is the egg. Michael Roux, a world renowned chef has compiled some 100 recipes in his book called the Egg which revolve around this nutritious and healthy food product. The book contains some classic day to day egg recipes as well as some exotic and modernized recipes too. It also has some recipes which have been specially created by the chef himself.

All these recipes can be very well used by all those people who are interested in this wonderful thing called the EGG and can make quick recipes by using the various kinds of egg cookers easily available in the market.

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