Cool Mushroom images

Some cool Mushroom images:

167/365: Gilled mushrooms (Agaricales) beside a rotting stump [Explored]
Image by Stephen Little
You can almost see these mushrooms grown by the minute. Over about 48 hours they will sprout, grown, and stretch to bursting. After about every rain during the late spring and summer, a ring of these mushrooms pops-up around an old rotting stump. SONY SLT-A77V | 17mm F4 1/5000 ISO100 DSC04370. See these two mushroom two days later here:

HDR Mushroom Test2
Image by bmooneyatwork
I was playing around with my "Bright Outlook on Life" photo taken a year ago or so and atteppted to convert it to HDR with just one non-RAW image. It didn't turn out very HDR-like, but I think it appears better than the original... ( )
who knows...

wild mushrooms - Vancouver, BC
Image by Aviruthia
Amanita Muscaria (psychedelic/poisonous) See the photo pools for this picture to see lots more. These were growing not far from my house in Vancouver.

October, 2008: This photo has been my most-viewed photo of the past year. There must be lots of amanita lovers out there. Here is this year's shot from the same place