Tiger eating his meat

Some cool Meat images:

Tiger eating his meat
Image by Tambako the Jaguar
Tiger of the zoo of Zürich eating his meat with some efforts...

Netherlands-4681 - Meat Hall
Image by archer10 (Dennis) (61M Views)
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Time to leave Delft and go to Rotterdam...

Meat Hall - built in 1650. It is one of the only Holland's Classical buildings in Delft. Originally a meat market, later it was converted for wheat. Nowadays it is a youth society.

There is nothing like a nice piece of meat
Image by David Blackwell.
We went to the butcher today and bought some meat for soup and dinner. It's so nice when the butcher gives you a little piece of meat to try before you buy.

Warning: Actual animals were harmed in the making of this picture!

Some! of you may remember the "rabbit" dinner picture. I began to think about Vegetarianism then. Today I am still thinking about it. I eat less meat. I have not cut it out of my diet yet.

A nice piece of meat, disassociated from it's previous owner, is just too good. The remorse kicks in when I see how we manufacture living, thinking, feeling animals for food, killing them "humanely" in huge factories. One of them can kill 14.000 pigs per day.

I manage with a trick. I think if I had to run a farm and needed to kill animals to make a living, I'd be a very poor and hungry farmer I am sure.