The Ice Cream Man

A few nice Cream images I found:

The Ice Cream Man
Image by David Guyler
Ice Cream seller Sta Barbera Market, Philippines,

Cinnamon Ice Cream & Raspberry Sorbet
Image by ulterior epicure
Cinnamon ice cream and raspberry sorbet. ()

Notes: The raspberry sorbet, which was frosted over, had obviously been scooped, re-frozen until ordered, and then place here on my dish. There's not excuse for this kind of laziness - freezing a bunch of cups holding pre-scooped sorbet?

The cinnamon ice cream, however, had been freshly scooped. It was cinnamony - but in a sort of cinnamon candy sort of way. I can't describe it - but red hots come to mind. Just faintly.

The raspberry sorbet, despite its sketchy comings, was actually pretty nice. I especially appreciated the blackberries.