Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

How to make a strawberry banana smoothie.
The strawberry banana smoothie combo is one of the most popular smoothie recipes you can make.

I grow my own organic strawberries in my backyard. I've had my strawberry bushes for years now that they border the outer edges of my backyard and come back every year. Last summer my strawberry babies even gave me small, wild strawberries, which are smaller and sweeter. I picked my strawberries everyday in the summer and around late fall, I decided to freeze the last of the pickings so my family could enjoy organic strawberries in the winter months. For this strawberry banana smoothie, I'm using 3 cups of frozen organic strawberries.

I use frozen fruit in my fruit smoothies because I think it's easier and more convenient than using fresh fruit. Plus, when you use frozen fruit, you don't need to add ice to your smoothies because of the frozen fruit.

The other star of this strawberry banana smoothie, is of course, the banana. I'm adding 1 very sweet banana. I use bananas that have some brown spots on the peel because that means the banana is ripe and sweet. It's a perfect balance to the sweet, slightly tart flavor of the strawberries. The banana is also going to make your strawberry banana smoothie very creamy.

As you know smoothies need some sort of liquid in order for the fruit to actually blend. I use kefir most of the time. Kefir is a yogurt drink. It's perfect for smoothies because of its thick consistency and it's bold yogurt flavor. Kefir also gives you around 11 grams of protein per cup, and it's also a great probiotic. For this strawberry banana smoothie, I'm adding 2 cups of strawberry flavored kefir (I guess you can also call this recipe a strawberry banana yogurt smoothie because I'm using kefir).

Okay, so now that you have all your ingredients: strawberries, banana & strawberry kefir, put all your ingredients in your blender (a high powered blender like the Vitamix blender or a Blendtec is best) and it'll take 1 minute max until you're drinking your strawberry banana smoothie.

So that's your basic strawberry banana smoothie recipe. It tastes bright & refreshing and creamy and a little tangy because of the kefir. Mostly, it tastes like a banana smoothie with just a hint of strawberry--which is interesting because in this strawberry banana smoothie recipe, you use about 3 cups of strawberries and only 1 banana. There goes to show how strong the banana flavor is in a strawberry banana smoothie.

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