Rescue Soup

A few nice Soup images I found:

Rescue Soup
Image by mystuart
Sauteed onion, fresh basil, and sieved tomatoes--with salt, pepper, and a teaspoon of curry powder. Made three cups.

I give it this name because the soup started with a second-run-through-the-hand-mill of some chopped raw tomato left over from the juicing process. I wasn't convinced we'd got all the goodness we could from those tomatoes. Amazingly enough, we extracted two more cups of thick sauce-like juice, after a further mashing of the chunks. Cooked with the above ingredients, it made a delicious lunch.

(Corning brand soup bowls "rescued" from our local charity shop.)

Image by serenejournal
Veggie barley soup

My First Home Made Split Pea Soup
Image by cogdogblog
There's a bit of a story here.

I loved my Grandmother's split pea soup,. Hers was thick, she added chunks of ham or hot dog (?), and also made included small soft dumplings.

The year I moved to Arizona, I write her a letter (IN THE MAIL) about how much I missed her soup. A few weeks later a package arrived- she had sent her old soup pot, the recipe, and a package of of the Manischewitz mix she used as a base..

I lost the recipe, or cannot locate it. The pot is long gone, lost in the shuffles or moving and marriage and divorce. I am not even sure I tried the recipe.

I miss my grandmother dearly, and her soup, so I gave it my best effort today using the ham bone from what I cooked yesterday.

The soup is good…but it's not my grandmothers.