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DSC03885 - Super Cold Ice Cream
Image by archer10 (Dennis) (61M Views)
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This cream is flash-frozen, which means it's the coldest ice cream in the world. It's so cold that it just dissolves and melts as soon as you put it in your mouth. It was the first time I tried this, it was great.

Colors of Summer - Ice Cream Earrings #4
Image by PetitPlat - Stephanie Kilgast
Cute and colorful ice cream studs :)

all handmade by me out of polymer clay, now all we need is the sun ^^'

Pistachio Ice Cream
Image by ulterior epicure
Pistachio and Dark Chocolate Dome
Pistachio ice cream, ameretto gelee. ()

Notes: When I read this on the menu, it reminded me of a similar pistachio and chocolate dome I had at NoMi in Chicago two years ago. Essentially, this was the same: a chocolate cake base surrounded by pistachio mousse and then an outer layer of chocolate mousse and glazed over with chocolate ganache.

Both my friend and I quickly tired of the dome (after one bite each) and found greater pleasure in the tiny dots of ameretto gelee and the pistachio ice cream, which came on a bed of cruncy sugared pistachio bits.