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Dessert: Chocolate Souffle with Trio of Ice Creams
Image by ulterior epicure
Explore debut July, 2007 #303

Hot Valrhona chocolate souffle
Vermont maple ice cream, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate sorbet.

Notes: This was your straightforward molten chocolate cake. The outside had baked to a nice sturdy state, while the inside was truly molten - a silky ganache that just oozed out. I'm finding a new tolerance level for Valhrona chocolates, and this certainly butted up against that limit. To be sure, some of their chocolate blends are very good, but this one had that distinct slate/minerally bite to it that I don't enjoy as much. I know, I'm *picky* - especially about my chocolates.

The ice creams were both very good - I preferred the maple to the vanilla. My favorite, however, was the chocolate sorbet, which I actually found to be the star player on this dish.

My biggest complaint of the evening is that both of my dessert courses were presented at the same time. Normally, this may not have been that big of a deal, except that both of the desserts the kitchen sent out were warm and served with ice cream. *HUH?* Who does that?? So, while I'm hurrying to get through one, the other one is melting. To compound the situation, the after-dessert, also featuring ice cream, came out before I managed to get two bites of my first dessert! This was really unforgiveably poor timing. I also note that this was not just the case for my server or my service - this was the m.o. for the entire restaurant - everyone, I noticed, got both of their desserts at once. *wags head*

Ice cream
Image by Neil. Moralee

In Toronto even the street beggars like an ice cream when the sun comes out.

Giffords Ice Cream
Image by Lawrence Whittemore
Giffords is the best ice cream shop in New England. If you ever make it this way they're a must on a hot summer day.*