Making perfect cookies

Cookies are one of the most comforting and delicious snacks we can enjoy. On the one side they have the delicious cookie dough which is often crunchy and gooey in equal parts, and at the same time you also have the chocolate or blueberry chips to add something a little different, and you have the fact that the whole thing will probably be rather… huge. Which is of course a big bonus.

 Cookies are ideal for dipping into milk or tea, and they are also great for eating on a picnic on their own. They're loved by children and grown ups alike, and the great news is that they're also fairly easy to make. Here is how to go about crafting the perfect cookies to enjoy.
What You Will Need

 You will need a cup of butter, three quarters of a cup of brown sugar, the same amount of ground sugar, a tablespoon of vanilla extract, two eggs, flour, baking soda, salt, milk and of course your chocolate chips.


 Now what you are going to do is to beat the butter and mix this with your two types of sugar. Now add the vanilla and milk and then mix them together with the eggs. They should be completely combined when you are finished so that they look like dry-ish porridge.

 Next you should add the dry ingredients in order to create a thick cookie dough (keep stirring until the consistency looks exactly right). Add in the chocolate chips or your blueberry chips, and then stir it all up so that they're well mixed in.

 Now you should heat up the oven ready. You are now going to take lumps of cookie dough and place then out onto your sheets in big lumps. It's normal to take roughly a golf-ball sized lump from your dough and to place this on the cookie sheets. From there you can then flatten them out gently with the back of a spoon in order to make them cookie shaped.  Be sure to spread some butter onto the trays first to prevent them from sticking to the tray.

 Precisely how big you want to make them, and what shapes you want to use is up to you. If you want to go for something a little more fun then you can of course use cookie cutters to make them into various shapes which is a lot of fun for young children.

 Now place the cookies on your tray into the oven. You should probably have them on a setting of around 180, and this will take around 10-15 minutes to cook. When you remove them you will want to use a spatula to ply them up from the tray without breaking them at all or leaving any lumps of sad cookie dough behind.

 The cookies will not be ready until they have dried and cooled off. This is will what transform them from gooey hot dough into cookie-like consistency.

 And bite! There you have it – some perfect cookies. Of course if you want to cheat you can just use ready cookie dough.

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