Homemade Electricity

As energy prices rise all over the world, there has never been a better case for making homemade electricity. The cost of living is going up in all aspects, and wherever you are able to save money, you need to seriously consider it. Creating your own energy at home has always been a great idea, but has traditionally been reserved for those with either bags of technical knowledge and time available to them, or a lot of money. But it's not like that anymore. The fact is, with only a little bit of knowledge, time and money, you can create energy at home. You can have homemade electricity using solar and wind power, saving you a fortune on energy bills and in some cases, even having enough to sell some back to the energy companies.

So how do you go about creating homemade electricity? Well, if you've already got money to burn, you could approach some of the major companies that will offer to install solar panels and wind turbines in your home for you, but of course this will be at a cost. It's more likely that you have a strict budget to stick to, in which case I would recommend the following. Find an electrical item in your home that you would like to power without using your mains electricity and set about creating enough homemade electricity to make that a reality. A great place to start is your PC. They're power-hungry units anyway, and we all use them, so why not make that your first project? Once you've done that, you can then move on to other household items and eventually, remove your dependency from the electric companies altogether.

If you want to talk numbers, building both a windmill and a solar panel can be achieved for under $ 300. There is an outlay of money of course, but it's not break-the-bank stuff, and when you consider that most people who do this save anything upwards of $ 100 per month, you'll make your money back within the first couple of months. Anything beyond that is saving you money, and possibly even making you profit!

The problem of course, is finding useful information at a cost that's not going to break the bank. This was the part that I found most difficult when I was starting my homemade electricity project. But there are some decent resources out there, and you can find a review of some of the best below.

If this is something you're serious about doing, you need to check out http://build-your-own-solar-power-system.blogspot.com/ now. Don't waste your time, time is money, and if you're paying an electricity bill then you're already wasting enough of that!