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We all know we should choose a healthier eating plan, and most of us know that fruit and vegetables and non-processed foods are the answer for optimal health, but these days we tend to be too busy and maybe a little lazy?

Many of us don't take the time to educate ourselves! Learn about your body - Learn why food is your medicine!

We are energy and we are connected to all other energy - we need to keep our energy vibrant, the way we do this is by feeding ourselves with only the best living energy food that is provided for us by - energy - mother earth! Not rocket science just perfect sense.

If we can finally grasp the concept of being one with all other energy and one with nature, then we understand that what we need is provided - energy attracts energy! 
Do you realise that if we educated ourselves about our beings and what we need - we maybe would then wipe out disease and degeneration? And we would have no obesity issues as we would only give our body what it asks for, and we know what it needs because we have learned how to tune into it!

Unfortunately we are ignorant, we have chosen not to learn about the body we live in and have become accustomed to eating rubbish which gives us virtually no nutrition only fuel, bad breath, bad skin and even worse clogged internal organs! (the cause of disease). Even if we only replaced one meal a day with fruit or vegetables, we would notice a difference and be encouraged to change more. Minor changes in our eating habits can create major changes in our health, what we eat not only determines how we feel mood and energy wise on a daily basis - but our long term health and even how long we actually live and how quickly we age!

You know every aspect of our life depends on the  level of our energy vibration, your health wealth and happiness all depend on this - yep - it's true. Working on any one of these aspects would bring a knock on effect to the rest of your life. For instance, if you took up some form of spiritual practise, you would be inspired to change your diet to a healthier option, you would be guided because you are bringing your body into balance. If you chose to improve your diet first your mind would be more alert and your spiritual interest would grow, you would become inspired to grow.

Can you see that? We just need to understand that we are whole beings, not a body with different compartments, we work as a whole picture, a whole being who is energy and connected to Universal energy, if we only got this, it would be so easy to live complete lives in optimal health! You are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean!

The solution is our education, many of us just seem not to take any notice of our bodies, ok there is always controversy about foods and it gets confusing so easier to ignore sometimes? Nutrition is actually still a young science - so studies unfold continually and confuse us, but if we all got to know and understand our own bodies, listen to how it feels, we would then know what is right for us! Who cares about what science discovers, our answers for optimal health are growing in the trees, handed to us.

Is that a better idea than eating junk that we are brainwashed into believing is good, just so we can spend a fortune on rubbish - making others rich - and ourselves sick.

Does that make you angry? It should!


There is a simple secret to perfect health. Learn how easy this is, to care for your body! Take care of your mind body and soul, Life is short make sure you are living it the way you want to live it!
Create the life, body and health you want and desire. To learn more follow the link below!
To all you deserve and desire! Cher Fauvèl,

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