Cool Rice images

Check out these Rice images:

Last Day in Thailand Sunrise Over Rice Fields in Buri Ram
Image by Captain Kimo

The last sunrise shot from Buri Ram, Thailand. I am now in Cambodia spending time with my family in Battambang. I've been here five days now. The first few days were spent in my home village where I was born.

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Train & Rice
Image by JapanDave
This was taken from just outside the tunnel photoed here. As I said in that post, this train line is kind of a dividing line: On one side is houses and factories packed together in a very busy area, and on the other is just rice and a much more rural environment. Ok, it’s not quite that cut and dry, but it is kind of a cool illusion when you look at it the right way.

Looks like a local train—only 2 cars. Local trains stop at every single stop on the line, small and large alike, so they tend to be smaller and less crowded than the trains that only stop at major stops.

This was taken last autumn a little bit before the harvest. We had a great harvest last year; may we be so lucky this year.

rice field
Image by tamaki