Best ever chocolate cupcake recipe

Nigella's Olive Oil Chocolate Almond Baby Cakes
Image by Foodie Baker
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Best ever chocolate cupcake recipe
For the shower, I chose to make chocolate butter cupcakes with a chocolate buttercream frosting. They were delicious and received a bunch of compliments. Better yet, the experience reminded me of why I loved Brown's cookbook – it will not only help you ...
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Mast Brothers Melt Their Artisanal Chocolate Image
The Mast Brothers' chocolate looks elegant in designer wrappers that would look more fitting in an art museum than next to a Hershey's bar. The Brooklyn based chocolate company, started by brothers Rick and Michael Mast, claims to have been making ...
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Yes, some chocolate bars are actually worth their price tags
Drugstore or supermarket chocolate is cheap for several reasons. About three-quarters of the world's cocoa beans come from West Africa, where farmers are often not paid fair prices and nearly four million children work in cocoa production—two million ...
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