Iguana Food


The overall health of an iguana will be the responsibility of its owner, so it must be fed the right type of food. Plants are the favorite food of green iguanas, so people should never give them foods that are rich in proteins like cat food and dog food. Even food eaten by people should never be considered. Some people claim that pizza is a good iguana food, but nothing can be farther from the truth. Kidney failure at a young age will be the result if anyone would be silly enough to feed this to his or her pet iguana. If one insists though, it would be recommended that he only gives a "treat" to his pet, once a month. Ironically, vegetables that people eat like broccoli, sprout and cauliflower should only be given in small amounts because thyroid problems can afflict an iguana if it is given large amounts of vegetables. Additionally, spinach would be an exception because it affects the levels of calcium of an iguana.

There are several kinds of iguanas that eat vegetables, but the common green iguana has a reputation as the only complete herbivore in its natural home, which is the rainforest. It would be a good idea for pet owners to consider this fact in providing the proper iguana food. Their reptilian pet will be a picture of good health if they could possibly make the iguana's environment and diet similar to the rainforest.

Since iguanas are herbivores, they should have a high calcium diet, with low levels of phosporous, and food that contains Vitamin D3. Therefore, it is paramount that green leaves should be its primary food. Examples are collard, dandelion, and mustard greens. Additionally, turnip greens are also high in the list with moderate amounts of several vegetables, like squash, yams, and some fruits like blackberries, raspberries, bananas, should be in the mix because these are all high in calcium. Commercially made food for this reptile can also be considered, but the great majority should be greens. No extra vitamins are needed if one’s pet iguana is getting the appropriate diet that it deserves.

The proper iguana food is necessary because a number of iguanas are malnourished and people not caring for them resulted to iguanas left to fend for themselves in poor conditions and eventually are abandoned or become sick. Unfortunately, many people give out recommendations on how to feed these animals only through their personal experiences, but are bereft of scientific methods. Therefore, the best way to feed them is to simulate the iguana's natural food supply and habitat.

It should also be considered that iguanas may enjoy chomping on fruits only, but a balanced diet is still a must because fruits tend to reduce the precious protein and calcium levels in the iguana. Commercial diets are another option but they should be limited so it would not affect the total diet of the iguana. Lastly, one must not forget that any dry diet given to the iguana should be soaked first.

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