Cool Cookies images

Some cool Cookies images:

Cookie Bokeh
Image by Tomi Tapio
Running out of cookie!

2008-11-17. Id 89661. (Explore: Mar 31, 2010 #137-143) Definitely delicious large view

Today's lesser picture, a running hare

skull cookies
Image by pinprick
my first batch of skull cookies.

Image by ginnerobot
Sorry I've been absent from flickr for a week, but it was for a good cause!

This week was National Volunteer Week, and as a volunteer coordinator at a college, that means my life was pretty busy. It also happened to be Sexual Assault Awareness Week on campus, so on Monday, I was helping with that, as well. These cookies are from an event I ran on Monday where we made some pillows for the local homeless shelter. I didn't have a cookie, but I heard they were delicious. I was at work til 10:45 this night, sooo I didn't have lots of time for picture taking.

I'm off to check out photostreams & hopefully I'll catch up with my uploads later in the day.

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