Mario Mushroom

Additional Image


  • 3 whole Radishes
  • 6 strip Seaweeds

Preparation Method

Preparation Image

1. Using the apple corer, insert 1/3 of the way into the radish then use a paring knife, cut into the radish until it makes contact with the apple corer. Continue to cut around the radish.

Preparation Image

2. Cut the middle of the segment and remove. Carefully remove the apple corer. With the paring knife, shave off excess skin at the bottom of the radish.

Preparation Image

3. Using an icing piping tip, indent circles around the top of the radish. then use the paring knife, cut circles around the indentations. Repeat until you reach the desired look of your mushroom.

Preparation Image

4. Use little strips of seaweed, place two of them along the stem of the mushroom. These will be the eyes.

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