Recipe: Adam Liaw's feel-good green soup

Smashed Potato Soup | #soup #dinner
Soup recipe
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Oven roasted potatoes in a cheese creamy soup

Recipe: Adam Liaw's feel-good green soup
Transfer the contents of the pot to a blender with the chervil leaves (reserving some attractive leaves for garnish) and blend to a smooth green soup, adding a little extra stock or water if it's too thick. 4. Return the soup back to the pot and heat ...

Amish Kitchen: Lovina shares canned veggie soup recipe
We're having another warm day with the temperature in the mid sixties. Yesterday was even warmer plus it was also sunny. We did laundry and hung it all outside on the lines. By the afternoon hours everything was dry. It sure gives a person spring fever.
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Waste Not, Want Not: Make Homemade Ham Stock (with Bonus Soup Recipe)
Will you bake a ham for your Easter dinner? Don't throw out the bone or the fat scraps! One of the best ham “leftovers” is the stock you'll make with the bone and scraps. After the big dinner, delicious sandwiches and maybe some eggs benedict for ...
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