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Turtle Soup
Image by rdpeyton
Turtle soup at One, New Orleans

Spicy Fish Soup with Marinated Squid and vegetables - Vulcan's AUD19.50
Image by avlxyz
Next came Julia's Spicy Fish Soup with marinated squid and vegetables. We were expecting boulliabaise. We got a watery bowl of something vaguely resembling assam laksa. It lacked the richness of using an oily fish like mackeral for the stock, and had nowhere near enough galangal and laksa leaf to spice things up. Calling it a nod to Thai tomyum wouldn't be fair to the tomyum either!

The prospect of slow-cooked food in a woodfire oven had us salivating over traditional roasts and braises, but which perhaps led to our disappointment at Vulcan's, a bustling little restaurant in Blackheath, NSW in the Blue Mountains.

Chalk this experience to flashy Sydney I guess. Or maybe, us Melbournites are too staid, too old-fashioned to appreciate these modern takes on old favourites.

33 Govetts Leap Rd, Blackheath NSW 2785
Tel: +61 2 4787 6899

SMH Good Food Guide 2009
Two Chef's Hats

- Vulcans - utterly irresistible glazed duck sausage with pickled beetroot .50. The pot-roasted oyster blade beef cooked in the oven for four hours is always on the menu
- Vulcan's - flavours and cooking are terrific
- Vulcans - cutomer review: sadly the meal was just average. The duck sausage was overly processed and had no distinguishing flavor. The pot roast was well past the point of being done and had the consistency of baby food with a resulting lack of taste.