Seafood anyone?

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Seafood anyone?
Image by gwendolen
China Town, San Francisco.

Fried Whiting and Hushpuppies From Marvin's Seafood, North Charleston, SC
Image by Doug DuCap Food and Travel
Fried whiting and hushpuppies From Marvin's Seafood, North Charleston, SC.

Seafood and Tofu Don - Uchiwa Japanese Cuisine
Image by avlxyz
Seafood and Tofu Don - Uchiwa Japanese Cuisine AUD8.20
Another new eatery on the Holmesglen strip, joining 2 Korean (Let's Bap, Kimchi Friends), 3 Chinese (Niko Niko, Double Stars, Fortuna), 1 Indonesian (Bamboe) restaurants, and a bakery.

The lady owner looks / speaks like a (mainland) Chinese and the young chef and waiter both Chinese Malaysians, I think.

There was sushi and other dishes with raw fish on the menu, but with the low turnover, a bit iffy!

Overall, the katsu curry with rice was a safe bet. How wrong can a fried piece of meat be, and as expected, it wasn't bad. The curry was quite acceptable too.

Julia's dad had the Seafood and Tofu Don, and although there was 1 large scallop, and 1 large prawn, a few shrimp, squid and soft blobs of tofu, it smelt and tasted more like a Chinese stir-fry. Still, it tasted ok. Not Japanese, but ok.

oh and uchiwa means "fan" in Japanese. The round, non-folding kind. :)

Uchiwa Japanese Cuisine
625 Warrigal Road, Chadstone 3148
03 9568 2212

- Uchiwa Japanese Cuisine
- Seafood and Tofu Don
- Chicken Katsu Curry with Rice
- Chicken Katsu close-up