rooster sauce

Some cool Sauce images:

rooster sauce
Image by JonathanCohen
My submission for week 36 of the 2013 photochallenge. The theme for the week is condiments.

We go through a lot of this stuff at my house.

Strobist: LP1610 in a Lumiquest SBIII from camera top left, 1/4 power, gridded 430exii from camera right, 1/32 power, acting as a rim light as well as passing some light through the bottle/sauce. Triggered by PW.


Nudeln & Sauce Bolognese
Image by JaBB

Coca-Cola Barbecue Sauce
Image by the past tends to disappear
I Guess it is a New thing! Mix 1/2 Coca-Cola and 1/2 barbecue sauce. Makes for some great barbecue!