Not your grandma's chicken noodle soup

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Not your grandma's chicken noodle soup
Chicken noodle soup is pretty popular in these parts. The standard American version typically features white flour noodles, onions and carrots. But there's other chicken noodle soups you can also consider this soup season. Take Burmese-inspired chicken ...
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Red lentil soup with a hint of heat
This soup was inspired by Melissa Clark's lovely recipe in The New York Times dining section a few weeks ago. The combination of the delicate yet hearty red lentils (so pretty!), bright lemon, and spicy chili is addictive. And it's also easy to make ...
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For New Year's, try bowl of 'freedom' soup
The first legend tells how the savory soup was a delicacy among the French slave owners of Haiti's pre-revolution days. Once the revolution was official on Jan. 1, 1804, newly freed slaves raided the larders of the former landowners and made huge ...
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