North East Food (Isan Food)

But not only for eat in north east only but you can find the Isan food in every part of Thailand including in the other country too.

Isan food have taste has a bold and hot that make Isan food is outstanding. Isan food brings ingredient from the local mix everything to me to be mellow taste.

Although north east of Thailand is the part that very dry in Thailand. But in the north east of Thailand has one ingredient that is very popular that is pickled fish. Pickled fish that has been passed process to make will have bad smell putrid.

Sometime you will see a white worm in pickled fish also. Thai people eat picked fish with rice especially north east people. If the pickled fish is has the bad smell but if you bring to cook will generate to make a food very mellow. Almost people see pickled fish will think that it is very dislike and no need to eat that but if you test that you will feel that it is very delicious and feel like it. If you like papaya salad (Som-tam) you will know that there have many type of somtam.

Somtam has type that has pickled fish with ingredient and with non pickled fish. But almost people if test somtam that has pickled fish will like more than somtam with non pickled fish. Next time if they want to orders somtam they will order with pickled fish only.

However, pickled fish is not only put in somtam only. Pickled fish will bring to cook with other type of food like Fermented Rice Flour Noodles, chilli sauce and many things in Thai food.

The most popular food in Thailand is Tom yum Kung (prawn soup) but Isan food has well know is soup also. Tomsap is the one of that. It has ingredient that is the herb in north east of Thailand that mix that taste and smell is very mellow. That is very preferred for the people that test it. The other thing that you can't miss that is Pork roast. Pork roast eat with that Isan sauce.

Taste that very mellow if you eat together. Besides, is Sticky rice, rice is the main food of Thai people and the person is Asia. Country in Asia will have a different type of rice depend on race taste and process to make rice. For the sticky rice is the rice that people in north east that main that is easily to the portable and easily to eat, if you eat with chilli sauce you will like that. Besides, foreigner likes sticky rice also.

When they eat they will eat with other ten they eat they will eat with other type of rice. In Bangkok has the place that popular for Isan restaurant that is Rangnam Road. People in Bangkok like to call Rangnam Road that Soi Rangnam. In Rangnam Road have many restaurant and many people like to eat Isan food at Rangnam Road.

People eat Isan food at Rangnam Road have Thai people and foreigner. Isan restaurant have many class that have to sit beside the road until in the nice building.

If you like to eat Isan food you can visit to Rangnam Road but if you want to taste Isan food with the hotel standard that is control a quality of food and care taste of food.

Price is reasonable with the friendly staff and warm welcome to service you. Please try Isan food at Royal View Resort every day.



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