Mushrooms in Spring

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Mushrooms in Spring
Image by Frank Wuestefeld
Some mushrooms in the undergrowth at a little lake. I know the 50 1.8 isn't a macro lens, but the result is ok for my expectations - and for a quick test while my girlfriend was running miles ahead :-)

orange and yellow mushroom, sooc (7)
Image by Martin LaBar (going on hiatus)
Growing near us, after a rain. (The fibers below, in the soil, generally send up these caps only when it has rained.)

I have no idea what kind this is. Any help would be appreciated. Flora_and_Fauna2 suggests that this may be a Bitter Waxcap, Hygrocybe mucronella. I am grateful.

Thanks for looking. Isn't God a great artist? Larger sizes available.

Mushrooms climbing a tree
Image by ninfaj
Pilze, die einen Baum hochklettern...

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