Mmm… sauced brisket

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Mmm... sauced brisket
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recipe: cranberry sauce - _MG_6075
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4 cups cranberries
.5 cup honey
.5 cup ganulated sugar
1 cup water
1 cinnamon stick
1 bay leaf
1 orange peel (i used the peel from a little satsuma mandarin)

in a large saucepan, bring sugar / water to a boil.
add honey, cinnamon, bay leaf, return to boil.
add cranberries, reduce heat, stir until the cranberries burst open.
simmer 10 minutes. turn off heat and cover.
once the sauce is room temperature, remove the bay leaf, remove the cinnamon stick, remove the orange peel, transfer to another container and chill in fridge.

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BBQ Sauce (recipe)
Image by uosɐɾ McArthur
My new personal BBQ sauce recipe from scratch. Neighbors beware!

Quantity varies each time for me, and this list is roughly in order of amount used. Anybody can do this, just keep tasting it through the process. I've found you actually need quite a bit of liquid smoke. Go easy on the oil, however if you want it to be a smoker sauce (good for making the neighborhood drool), add a little more. My grandfather's chicken recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, vinegar AND oil, which is just too much. You actually 'feel' the oil the next day; gross.

Sugar will aid in charring, but to the average person, they'll see it as being 'burnt to a crisp' (I happen to love this). Sugar amounts listed below are high. If you don't have a hot grill, or don't like charring, you should lower the sugar amounts or you'll end up with way too much sweetness.

* tomato paste (1-2 cans)
* vinegar (1 cup)
* sugar (1/2 cup)
* brown sugar (1/2 cup)
* molasses (to color and taste)
* oil (1/4 cup)
* Worcestershire sauce
* liquid smoke (I prefer Stubb's)
* soy sauce
* onion powder
* mustard powder
* garlic (2-3 cloves)
* salt and pepper