Maryland Crab Cakes

Maryland is known for some of the nicest and prettiest beaches and while there tourists eat their fill of seafood. Crab cakes, while available at other coastal locations throughout the US, are mostly known as coming from the Chesapeake Bay, so Maryland is the prime catching ground for good crabbing.  Maryland crab cakes are made from these tasty crustaceans.  Here are some tips to know before making your first crab cake. 

1-Type of Crab

  One of the first things to know about making a Maryland crab cake is that there are several different kinds of crabs harvested in Maryland.  By far the most popular and what the locals say the tastiest is the blue crab.  Blue crabs are the most plentiful during the early fall when they get very heavy.  Blue crab is the one most likely used in cooking in the coastal areas of Maryland.  It is important to use fresh crab meat, if it is at all possible to get.  If you cannot purchase real crab meat, canned crab will do, but not the imitation or fake crab. 

2- Your Recipe

  There are many different recipes from cookbooks and websites, or you might have one from a family member.  Whichever one you choose, one thing is important to remember; do not overwork the crab meat when you put it into the bowl with all of the rest of the ingredients.  Overworking the crab meat will make it somewhat tougher and the crab cakes may not taste as good.  Many crab cake recipes are made with bread crumbs eggs and some other fillers.  Many experts state that the fillers used in some crab cakes are used to make the cakes cheaper.  By using more filler, the cost can be kept down. It will usually take quite a bit of crabs to obtain enough meat to make the best crab cakes.  The best crab cakes are made from a solid lump of crabmeat, with no fillers.  However, many individuals making Maryland crab cakes at home will probably choose to use some bread crumbs or other filler, to keep their costs low.  Crab cakes can be broiled or fried.

3 – The Presentation

  Some crab cakes are served as an appetizer and others can be as large as a hamburger and are usually served as the main course.  Others, especially in better restaurants, serve the crab cakes with special sauces.  How they are served will depend upon the location of the country where they are served.  Many coastal towns have different traditional ways of serving the crab cakes. 

  Whatever type of presentation you choose, either with or without a side sauce, if you are fond of seafood, you will probably be in favor of trying a Maryland crab cake.  If you want an authentic Maryland crab cake, you may want to travel there to try out a traditional blue crab cake.  If traveling is not an option, then try making them yourself.  They are easy to prepare and make dinner time a great option.


If you are looking for more information on making Maryland crab cakes, try looking online or in your local library. 

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