Learn to Clean Cookies

Websites use cookies to enhance our browsing Experience. Our browsing activities are also tracked in form of cookies. There are many cookies which expire when we shut down our web browser. However, there left some cookies which stay for years. These non-expiring cookies start clogging system with the passage of time and may also become a security issue because our personal information in stored in cookies. To better protect our system and prevent from these cookies we should remove these on regular basis. Below is illustrated on how to block cookies on our system and how to clean them.

To Block Cookies in Internet Explorer; please follow these steps
a) Open your browser.
b) Go to TOOLS.
c) Select Internet Options.
d)  Security Tab.
e) In Settings section, you would see slider that you can use to control the way you want cookies to download on your system.
Make sure that slider is not on the lowest level because if it is on the lowest point then it would store all cookies. If you do not want to accept cookies then you have to take the slider to highest point.
Cookies are used to enhance our browsing experience. We can manually add certain websites to allow them to copy cookies to the system.
Cookies are easy to clean from the system using option available in Internet Explorer. Following steps are helpful if you want to delete cookies.
a) Open your Internet Explorer.
b) Go to Tools and then select Internet Options.
c) In the General Tab you may see a section with options to either temporary remove Internet Explorer files or the Browsing History.
d)  In deleting browsing history dialog box, select Delete Cookies button to remove cookies from your system

There are many third party tools available on Internet that enables you to perform a thorough check of your system and remove cookies form it.
Experts recommend using Registry Cleaner software after you have removed the cookies using Internet Options. A reliable registry cleaner enable you to remove any malicious entries added to the registry from bad cookies. They also help in deleting cookies and other Internet Explorer file form the system.

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