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HDR Egg Stack
Image by paurian
Three exposures bracketted at 1/f-stop each, merged with Photoshop HDR, desaturated background, resaturated subject.

Eggs represent such wonderful symbolism. For Passover, they are roasted and called Beitzah. As Beitzah they represent the desire of God to free His people from the bondage of Egypt. It is sometimes thought to also represent the sacrifices that used to be allowed in the temple before it was destroyed.

Millions of 'organic' eggs come from industrial scale chicken operations ...
At some egg farms, chickens get the run of hundreds of acres of pasture. They scratch at the ground, foraging for bugs and seeds. They peck at the grass, They engage in what the USDA calls their “natural behaviors.” These farms can label their eggs ...
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4 Tricks For The Greatest-Tasting Scrambled Eggs Of Your Life
You could probably cook up a batch of scrambled eggs with your eyes closed (not that we recommend it). But according to the experts over at America's Test kitchen, your recipe could use improvement if it doesn't include the four crucial steps mentioned ...
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