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Banana bread is perfect for a breakfast food and anytime snacks as well, easy and fabulous flavors; it has a wonderful balance in the flavor of the fruit that everyone loves. A slice of banana bread is a new way to serve breakfast that will definitely become an instant hit with everyone! A slice of banana bread as a snack will give you energy throughout your busy day. In a single bite you can taste the sweet moist and deliciousness of the bread. And not only does it taste yummy but it is also consists of healthy ingredients that is great for your body, in particular the potassium that we get from eating bananas.

Baking banana bread is a task that you can do together with your children and can be a good bonding project. Teaching your children about cooking will also be beneficial for them in the future. Even your husband can enjoy this baking process, a whole family experience that will fill your house with a mouth watering aroma. Baking is also a good life skill that many children never get to learn with their parents. They will find that baking is like an art or a project that needs careful measurements and the ability to follow directions in order to have the best results. Enjoy this simple moment as children grow so fast these days that you might miss this opportunity for a sweet memory. Banana bread is also a good choice for snacks, invite your relatives and friends to have a nice afternoon and serve this banana bread with a hot cup of tea.

Indeed banana bread is quite sweet but did you know that you can prepare this bread for diabetic person as well? Well, of course you need to modified some ingredients, for example you need to change the sugar into Equal sugar-lite, then you can add a zucchini still with its peel and chopped pecans for more flavor and a good source of vitamins. So you don't need to worry if you are diabetic, but love to eat banana bread, simply make some changes to your ingredients list and voila, you can also enjoy this scrumptious food!

A healthful, tasty banana bread should be your number one choice for breakfast and a snack. This is a must-have because it is simple and very easy to prepare and yet full of flavor and healthy benefits!


Tom Budko is a fan of Tom Budko as a fan of simple, but yet delicious, Nana's Banana Bread will blow away even the most discriminating palate with our first class ingredients and capricious flavor.

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