Cool Cream images

A few nice Cream images I found:

The New Cream
Image by Rinoninha
Yay, Cream is finally finished!! I received her wig on Wednesday and finally changed her eyechips too, hehe.

I love her so much, Tiphona is an awesome doll *o*

I think you can't see the color of her wig and chips properly in these pics, though ^^U

Her wig is pinkish and her eyes are purple! I've always wanted to have a pink-haired girl and a purple-eyed girl too, so now Cream is perfect to me ><

Creamy Cream (dedicated to TheRedPineapple)
Image by Rinoninha
Cream is wearing Maretti's awesome outfit thanks to TheRedPineapple, so I want to dedicate this two pics of my lolita girl to her and to her lil'Pippa n_n

I love it SO much, and so does Cream! I can't thank you enough >3<